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There are two ways of understanding the human body. We can either understand it from outside or understand it from inside. From outside our bodies are just functioning mechanisms capable of complex action. But when observed from inside our bodies become a perfect mirror image of the world around us, revealing a great spectrum of memory, intelligence and capabilities.

We have hardly scratched the surface of the immense possibilities of our bodies. While we are searching for solutions on the outside to heal the body, we have completely ignored the self healing mechanism of the body. One of the best ways of healing the body is by understanding how it functions.

Yoga is an ancient and beautiful science of understanding the human body. Postures and physical exercises are only a tiny part of the vast realm of yoga. In reality, yoga opens up a completely new way of exploring and understanding the body, connecting simple daily actions to the life force around us.

Yoga is a complete science of the human mechanism. Dive into Ahamo Yoga to explore the depths of your mind, body and the universe.

Ahamo Yoga has been designed by combining insights from the ancient yogic system and modern lifestyles. Ahamo Yoga combines the three most ancient and authentic systems of yoga; Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa, to create a complete experience of yoga for perfecting the body and the self.

While Hatha restores the energy balance, Ashtanga connects postures to actions and Vinyasa brings in flexibility and agility. Combining all three helps one to understand the deeper dimensions of yoga while restoring body's health and vitality.

Explore Ahamo Yoga to:

Understand the body from inside

Cure lifestyle diseases

Restore vibrancy and agility

Relax and destress

Look and feel healthy

Feel one with yourself and the world