Mind is not just a complex system to record, store and reproduce information about our lives; it is a collective reservoir of the memory of the whole universe. Our minds, when tuned to their peak capabilities, can access knowledge, intelligence and wisdom that can totally transform our lives.

Unfortunately we are not taught how to use our minds. Most of us are not even aware of the immense capabilities of the mind. The lack of clear understanding of the mind is the single most important reason for all our pain and suffering.

What is not visible to the naked eye is visible through a mircoscope; what we cannot understand about ourselves by thinking can be understood through meditation. Meditation is not a passive process of sitting quiet and doing nothing. It is an active quest to look within and find answers to our most important questions.

Meditation has the power to illuminate all aspects of our lives. It enhances our sense perception, relaxes and destresses our mind. It helps us overcome negative thinking and puts us on a path of endless joy, creativity and wonder.

Ahamo Foundation's flagship course 'Enlightened Living' offers various meditation methods one can practice on a daily basis. It also provides practical wisdom to solve daily problems of life.