Vipassana is a Kriya of witnessing the breath. It is Buddha's greatest contribution to the world. It is a simple and tremendously powerful Kriya.

Requirements – A quiet place, preferably secluded where you are not disturbed.

Duration – 30 to 60 minutes. You can do Vipassana after the preparatory yogic breathing exercise of Pranayama.

Method – Sit in a comfortable posture with an erect back and head slightly looking upward. You can sit on a chair or in a lotus posture on the ground.

Vipassana is a combination of normal breathing and awareness of the breathing process. Gently breathe - in and breathe - out for five times, all the time keeping your awareness on the breath. Try and relax while doing this.

Breathe normally and watch the whole process of breathing. Observe how there is a small pause just before taking the breath and how the breath flows within you. Notice there is another pause within just before you exhale. Observe this entire process

You can either follow the chain of breath or observe the space between two breaths. The most important thing to remember about Vipassana is the process of witnessing. You should allow the breathing process to continue normally and independently observe the whole process.

Vipassana is extremely simple and easy to practice. It can be practiced early in the morning and late in the evening as well. It can be practiced even during the day while busy in the world; you can make a concious effort to observe the breath.

Note : More important than the breath itself is your awareness of the breath. Keep your awareness on the breath throughout your Vipassana exercise.

Benefits of regular practice : Inner peace, reduced stress & anxiety, opens the pathway to the inner world, keeps you rooted in the self, deepens sensitivity and awareness.

Introduction to Ahamo Kriya

The sanskrit word 'Kriya' means action. Any action that is performed within for our inner transformation is called Kriya. Karma and Kriya are two forces shaping our reality. Karma is a collection of everything we do on the outside and kriya is a collection of everything we do on the inside.

Ahamo Kriya is simple. It starts with you and your daily practice of looking inward. Since you have to begin from where you are, kriya methods and techniques become very important. These methods will help you to move from complexity to simplicity, from chaos to clarity, from ignorance to realization.

While choosing a right method that resonates with you is important, there is something more important than the method itself; it is your personal commitment and dedication to your Kriya. The Kriya will work as long as you are working at it.

All the Ahamo Kriya methods and techniques discussed here have been passed down through the ages; they have been tried and tested countless times. They have assisted innumerable souls to find their way to peace, certainty and happiness. They all work. Choose the one that works for you.

Vipassana - Witnessing The Breath Kriya