“Honor your time! Let the self feel special at Ahamo sessions. Truly a one of it’s kind experiential life session, designed for the self. An invitation from the beyond to experience that something beyond. It’s the best way to de-stress, boost your confidence, relax and enjoy a day cherished with like minded companions. My journey into the self has begun! Has yours?” - Lavanya RK (Northern Trust)

What is Enlightened Living?

There are very few people out there who are not searching for happiness, inner-peace, love, connection and joy. We all want to experience life to the fullest. We all want to live the best possible life that we can. We all want to find our true purpose and calling. Is there any other greater joy than finding the wisdom and knowledge that can help us to go beyond our fears, pain and insecurities? Is there anything else worth striving for other than lasting happiness, inner bliss and well-being? Is there anything else more important than solving the mystery of who we are and experiencing life to the fullest.

‘Enlightened Living’ is a course for those who are willing to take charge of their lives fully. It is a course for those who are no longer willing to just endure and get through life. It is a complete learning experience offered to those who want to consciously shape their present and future. ‘Enlightened Living’ explores the ultimate possibility of living. It explores and illuminates the peak capabilities of our mind, body and energies.

This course neither preaches a religion nor offers a philosophy. It is a pure scientific and systematic exploration of our lives and how we can experience it fully. ‘Enlightened Living’ is an attempt to turn the ocean of life into a sweet nectar of endless possibilities for us and for our future generations.

The Enlightened Living series of classes will provide the necessary tools and resources for your inner transformation. It offers practical wisdom that you can apply on a daily basis to transform your life. The most important transformation you will be able to notice after completing the course is a renewed sense of understanding of your life and a sharp increase in levels of happiness, inner peace and certainty.

Source of Enlightened Living

The knowledge and wisdom necessary to shape our lives the way we want to have always been around us. It has been flowing as a silent stream since time immemorial. It has been passed down from one person to another over countless generations. This knowledge has illuminated the lives of all those who have sincerely searched for it and earnestly practiced it.

Avinash Ramakrishna, the teacher and founder of ‘The Ahamo Movement’ has dedicated his life for the spreading of this wisdom. As a young boy he started his quest for truth and eternal wisdom. After several years of sincere seeking and practice, he attained to Self-Realization.

Enlightened Living draws from his rich personal experiential journey into Yoga, Meditation, Psychology, Science, Religion and Philosophy. This course is a distilled wisdom acquired over a lifetime of learning and understanding. The enormous oceanic depth of practical wisdom you will find here comes from an experiential dive into the depths of life. Enlightened Living also draws from psychological enquiry, scientific understanding and timeless spiritual wisdom of the ages.

Impact of Enlightened Living:

A sincere attempt to understand and practice the ‘Enlightened Living’ methods will positively impact all aspects of your life. This course has been designed to provide you the necessary tools to shape your life the way you want to. Here are some areas of your life ‘Enlightened Living’ will illuminate.

      Personal Happiness

      Handling Relationships

      Learning how to Communicate

      Managing Expectations

      Excellence and Success

      Leadership Skills

      Work Life Balance

      Health and Well-Being

      Overcoming Stress

      Solving Psychological Problems

      Emotional Wellbeing

      Compassion and Service

      Deeper Spiritual Meaning and Connection

      Self Enquiry

Enlightened Living Learning Structure:

The complete Enlightened Living course has been divided into three parts.

1) Enlightened Living Online - 10 sessions of approximately 30 minutes each.

Course Highlights:

a) Introduction to Enlightened Living

b) Practicing Enlightened Living

c) Introduction to Ahamo Kriya

d) Practical Wisdom

e) Keys to Happiness and Well-Being

2) Enlightened Living Basic - Two day program with a certified Enlightened Living Teacher

Course Highlights:

a) Practical Applications of Enlightened Living

b) Learn Enlightened Living methods from an experienced teacher

c) Learn the Ahamo Kriya daily routine

d) Get assistance with your personal practice questions

e) Guided Ahamo Kriya Practice

f) Connect with like-minded practitioners

3) Enlightened Living Advanced - Four-day program with a certified Enlightened Living Teacher

Course Highlights:

a) Check your progress with an experienced teacher

b) Get your Enlightened Living basic practice questions answered

c) Learn how to intensify the Enlightened Living Practice

d) Learn Advanced Ahamo Kriya Techniques

e) Intense Ahamo Kriya Practice Sessions

f) Introduction to Enlightened Living Teacher Training

Eligibility Criteria:

Enlightened Living Online - Anybody over 17 years of age can take the online course

Enlightened Living Basic - Should have completed and passed the Enlightened Living Online course

Enlightened Living Advanced - Should have completed and passed the Enlightened Living Basic course

Enlightened Living Teacher Training:

All those who have completed and passed the Enlightened Living advanced learning course are eligible to attend the Enlightened Living teacher training. The teacher training is a five-day program with Avinash Ramakrishna. Select individuals from the teacher training course will be chosen to be certified Enlightened Living Teachers.

“I have been attending Ahamo programs for the past 2 years. The programs have been an eye opener and a mirror revealing more of myself to me. The experiences shared by other participants helps to understand and appreciate life through various perspectives. It is my heartfelt wish that everyone finds the source of joy within themselves through these programs.” - Srinivasan Venkatakrishnan (Forus Health)

I have been meditating seriously for 20 years before meeting Avinash and I had become frustrated with my meditation practice. Avinash has given me the clear understanding that meditation is a precise science. If I follow the steps and put in the effort, I will get to self realization. I love his clear message that enourages me to put in the effort - Dr Vicky Markham (Psychologist - USA)