Ahamo's community service programs are an opportunity to step out of our comfort zones and reach out to people who need help. Nothing fulfills the human spirit like service. Explore opportunities to volunteer, teach and serve your local communities. Explore ways to expand your being.

Ahamo Outreach

Inner Freedom

Everybody deserves love and compassion. Inner Freedom is a program for inmates in correctional facilities to help them deal with rejection, acute stress of prison life, and behavioral issues. The program offers simple meditations and tools for lasting behavioral change.

10-8 Meditate

First responders such as fire fighters, paramedics and police deal with intense work stress daily. 10-8 Meditate is a program designed to help first responders deal with stress and its related symptoms of anger, frustration and fear. The programs are delivered by our volunteers.

Heavily Meditated

Medical profession is one of the most stressful professions. Heavily Meditated is a program designed for hospital staff to help them deal with daily work stress. Ahamo volunteers will deliver these programs in hospitals and other medical facilities across the country to offer simple and effective stress-relief solutions.

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