Avinash Ramakrishna is a realised spiritual teacher and founder of the Ahamo Movement. He is a visionary leader spreading the message of universal consciousness, yoga and meditation around the world to help people overcome stress, fear and anxiety to experience life to the fullest.

Avinash embodies the timeless spirit of silence and stillness. The enormous oceanic depth he brings to his teachings is a result of his personal experiential journey into silence, solitude and meditation.

Avinash spent his early adult life in silence and intense meditation at the end of which he had a profound experience of Self-Realization. He founded Ahamo to share his journey into meditation, life and beyond.

The Essense of his teachings in his own words:

Human life is a blessing. We need to use this precious gift for self inquiry and service. The more we know about ourselves, the less pain and suffering we experience. There is an enormous depth of wisdom and peace hidden within each individual. Finding the source of this joy and wonder is the purpose of life. When we connect with ourselves and the world around us to feel the whole existence as one, we become an overflowing cup of love, compassion and service.