Ahamo was founded by Avinash Ramakrishna in the year 2014, with the vision of helping individuals overcome the limitations of fear, stress, boredom and anxiety to move them towards inner freedom, love, compassion and self realization. Ahamo transforms the lives of individuals through the time tested systems of Meditation, Yoga and Service.

Ahamo’s backbone is the vision of transforming an individual from the pain and suffering of separation caused by misguided ideologies and lack of understanding of the mind and the body. At all times Ahamo stands true to the vision of being a guiding hand. Ahamo is an organization that gives it all to free a bonded soul from the burdens of spiritual separation.

Funding for Ahamo’s nonprofit activities comes directly from the educational programs conducted by Ahamo Foundation. A hundred percent of the donations collected for services are used for Ahamo's social causes.

Ahamo Foundation conducts regular yoga, meditation and self development programs. Ahamo's service falls under two main divisions of Ahamo Rural Development and Ahamo Earth