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Avi is an enlightened spiritual teacher and founder of Ahamo. He is a visionary teacher spreading the message of meditation, self inquiry and universal consciousness.

​He embodies the timeless spirit of silence and stillness. The oceanic depth he brings to his teachings is a result of his personal experiential journey into silence, solitude and meditation. 

​Avi spent his early adult life in silence and intense meditation at the end of which he had a profound experience of Self-Realization. He founded Ahamo to share his journey into meditation, life and beyond. 

You are the answer that you seek. Life is just a meaningless routine of activities without understanding the most magnificent force that is shaping your life, you.  There is absolutely nothing that is more important than taking some time to explore the depths of your inner being. Ahamo is a vision of the enlightened teacher Avinash Ramakrishna dedicated to the purpose of helping you find yourself. If you want to know who you are. If you want to step away from the noise and clutter of your mind. If you want to break free from the pain and suffering of life. If you want to experience a richer, fuller, and blissful life. Then going in is the only way out.