“I have always had wonderful experiences in attending Ahamo events. These are great events where one can have a peaceful break from the daily disturbances of work and the routine of life. It is also a great platform to meet like minded people. Through these programs I have been able to understand myself better. Avinash is more like a friend than a teacher; his teachings have made a great impact on my life.” - Sameena (Textron)



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"There is no other experience like getting closer to nature, life and yourself. I - Retreat is an invitation for you to join us on a retreat into the heart of nature to refresh, rejuvenate and explore your inner world."

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Reduction of stress in ‘Enlightened Living’ participants:

A study of behavioral patterns of regular ‘Enlightened Living’ participants showed a significant reduction in stress levels. The key parameters used to check stress levels were group involvement, participation, sense of humor, impact on work and family etc. The regular practice of Yoga and Meditation taught in the programs helped participants to overcome unnecessary anger, fear, worry and frustration. The testimonials provided by the participants after attending a few workshops clearly showed the improvement in their level of understanding themselves and their level of connectedness with others. Participants who have been attending the workshops regularly explained how their stress levels were reduced significantly and how they were able to take intuitive and effortless decisions at work.

Benefits of attending 'Enlightened Living' Program

Increased Creativity in ‘Enlightened Living’ participants

A study to test the levels of spontaneity and creativity in the participants showed significant levels of improvement in being aware of oneself which enhanced their creative abilities. Creativity is a way of accessing that part of our mind which is not crowded by thoughts. Creativity is a way of accessing the silent, calm and relaxed part of our mind to express ourselves. The regular Yoga and Meditation practice during the ‘Enlightened Living’ programs helped people to access their creative side as they were much more calmer and relaxed after the programs. Study also showed that the participant's ability to listen, learn and relearn also significantly improved after regular practice. Overall, through various studies, feedbacks and testimonials we were able to clearly gather that ‘Enlightened Living’ workshops were helping individuals to tap into their creative potential and was helping them to express better.


“This is my first program after almost a year of diving into the world of spirituality. What didn’t make sense then is clear now. It shows the improvement and growth that has gone in my inner self. Every time there is something new to learn and realize. This helps shine the light of consciousness on the darkness of ignorance.” - Karthik KC (Philips)


“Honor your time! Let the self feel special at 'Enlightened Living'. Truly a one of it’s kind experiential life session, designed for the self. An invitation from the beyond to experience that something beyond. It’s the best way to de-stress, boost your confidence, relax and enjoy a day cherished with like minded companions. My journey into the self has begun! Has yours?” - Lavanya RK (Northern Trust)

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“I have been attending the ‘Enlightened Living’ programs for the past 2 years. The programs have been an eye opener and a mirror revealing more of myself to me. The experiences shared by other participants helps to understand and appreciate life through various perspectives. It is my heartfelt wish that everyone finds the source of joy within themselves through these programs.” - Srinivasan Venkatakrishnan (Forus Health)

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Transcend fear, worry and uncertainty

Find inner peace, clarity & happiness

Resolve inner conflicts

Practice yoga for physical & mental well-being

Practice Pranava Kirya for inner cleansing

Identify and cure life-style diseases