“I have always had wonderful experiences in attending Ahamo events. These are great events where one can have a peaceful break from the daily disturbances of work and the routine of life. It is also a great platform to meet like minded people. Through these programs I have been able to understand myself better. Avinash is more like a friend than a teacher; his teachings have made a great impact on my life.” - Sameena (Textron)





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"There is no other experience like getting closer to your true nature. Silent Seed Retreat is an invitation for you to join us on a retreat to refresh, rejuvenate and explore your inner world."

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“This is my first program after almost a year of diving into the world of spirituality. What didn’t make sense then is clear now. It shows the improvement and growth that has gone in my inner self. Every time there is something new to learn and realize. This helps shine the light of consciousness on the darkness of ignorance.” - Karthik KC (Philips)


“Honor your time! Let the self feel special at Ahamo sessions. Truly a one of it’s kind experiential life session, designed for the self. An invitation from the beyond to experience that something beyond. It’s the best way to de-stress, boost your confidence, relax and enjoy a day cherished with like minded companions. My journey into the self has begun! Has yours?” - Lavanya RK (Northern Trust)



“I have been attending Ahamo programs for the past 2 years. The programs have been an eye opener and a mirror revealing more of myself to me. The experiences shared by other participants helps to understand and appreciate life through various perspectives. It is my heartfelt wish that everyone finds the source of joy within themselves through these programs.” - Srinivasan Venkatakrishnan (Forus Health)

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